"Woman standing in front of a DNA, which looks like a supermarket shelf. Soon it is possible to buy products based on a DNA sequency  Circle Culture
NOV 16 - 01


Do we buy DNA based products soon?

When we think of DNA sequencing we have a very complicated and expensive method in mind. You might think of Steve Jobs, who had his DNA deciphered in order to get insights into potential treatments and customized drug regimen – for this achievement he paid $100,000 five years ago. Today that same kind of sequencing costs just around one thousand dollar and is widely available. The company most responsible for revolutionizing the access to DNA is Illumina, a company that have sequenced some 90% of all the DNA data ever processed. Now, it’s new spin-off company “Helix” takes it to the next level and promises to take the science far beyond its initial uses. The company has begun to partner with labs, clinics, and consumer brands to identify and create novel products based on genetic information. Helix is taking DNA sequencing out of the lab and into the hands of consumers. Customers will be able to explore a host of DNA-enabled products and get valuable insights into their health, ancestry, nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, and more. From personalized fitness plans to family planning resources and even wine tasting recommendations: it seems as if there is a next wave of genomics on the rise. Cc is analysing this upcoming new market deeply, as we are involved in life science projects in Germany and the United States.
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OCT 16 - 03


Disney and LACMA running a joint Snapchat campaign

Master storyteller Disney and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) recently joined forces for a playful social media collaboration: Starting this month on their @OhMyDisney and @LACMA Snapchat accounts, they re-tell Disney’s iconic fairy tales through artworks from the museum’s collection, put together with references from pop culture, filters, memes, and whimsical hand-drawn Snapchat overlays. The joint campaign premieres with the story of “Beauty and the Beast“, revisited with works such as Alphonse Mucha's "Zodiac," paintings from Paul Gaugin and sculpture from Ishikawa Mitsuaki. The reenactments will continue to roll out on a bi-monthly basis. Snapchat’s format has become more and more popular for different kinds of outreach and new storytelling methods. As one of the first museums, LACMA has used Snapchat since 2014 with an intentionally humorous, sometimes irreverent approach to make their collection more accessible to new audiences. “It has also allowed us to explore these artworks from new points of view," said Michael Govan, LACMA CEO and Wallis Annenberg director. "Partnering with Disney is a perfect marriage of two Los Angeles institutions that love to engage the public with images.“ “This collaboration is a natural way to add a little magic to art and storytelling to reach a new generation of art and Disney fans alike,“ added Dan Reynolds, VP-content and audience development, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media. It is Cc’s key concern to encourage the interplay of culture and corporations. We strongly believe in the high potential of synergies that allow new approaches and unconventional solutions to reach new markets and focus groups.
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OCT 16 - 04


French graffiti artist designs Capsule Collection for Swiss luxury brand

Paris-based artist André Saraiva and Pablo Coppola, creative director of the high fashion company Bally teamed up for a unique collaboration. Inspired by a pair of vintage Bally boots from 1973 owned by the artist, they sat down developing a comprehensive campaign that comprises not only a reproduction of the boots, but a full collection. It merges Bally’s luxurious design with André’s personal globe-trotting, trans-Atlantic style and his distinctive illustrations, which are poetic and joyful alike. Face of the campaign is Mr. A, Saraiva's iconic character with top hat, big smile, long legs, and a cross and circle for his eyes. The collaboration also includes an exclusively designed, illustrated poster print, as well as an exuberant cartoon. In the short video clip, charismatic Mr. A spies a pair of Bally boots while walking down the street.
André Saraiva is exhibiting artist of our Circle Culture Gallery and one of Cc’s favorite key creatives – we worked with him together for brands such as Mini, 81hours & Grazia.
"Cc is a partner at the fair The Arts+ Image shows the colorful logo of THE ARTS+  Circle CultureCc is a partner at the conference and fair The Arts+ Image shows painter David Hockney  Circle CultureCc is a partner at the conference and fair The Arts+ Image shows portrait of Julia Stoschek in a white dress  Circle CultureCc is a partner at the conference and fair The Arts+ Image shows Jeff Jarvis talking at republica  Circle CultureCc is a partner at the conference and fair The Arts+ Image shows portrait of artist Tobias Rehberger in black and white  Circle Culture
OCT 16 - 02


The Business of Creativity

Will art undergo similar disruptions as music, print and film in the digital age? Will designers and virtual reality programmers be the architects of tomorrow? Or smartphone owners the new film producers? The new developments in the cultural market may still be in their infancy, but signs of the digital revolution can be seen at all levels of the international cultural economy. Now, this sector is about to get its own marketplace: THE ARTS+ is a one day conference and five day fair on the business of creativity which runs from October 19th to 23rd in Frankfurt/Main. The topics are new business potentials for creative and cultural industries fuelled by the latest digital technologies, including 3D printing, artificial intelligence and augmented and virtual reality. Among others, legendary artist David Hockney, bestselling-author Jeff Jarvis (What would Google Do?), MIT's Carlo Ratti and Annie Luo from the World Economic Forum, will discuss the scope for new businesses at the intersection of art and technology. We at Cc are proud to be THE ARTS+ partner with our contemporary gallery "Circle Culture Gallery" and the recently launched nomadic cultural project "The Conversation" among other eminent supporters like Monocle, Google, EIGEN + ART Lab and Taschen. We see a great potential in the conference and presume that we will get deeper insights in the newest movement in the creative industry.