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SEP 17 - 02


Festival culture in times of social media

Initially the annual Burning Man festival sounds a bit like a socialist utopia: thousands of people come together to an empty desert to create an alternative society while following the “10 principles”. Beside rules that praise openness, giving and sharing, there is one principle called “decommodification” that strictly forbids commercial sponsorships or advertisement and stands for the participatory experience instead of consumption. This makes traditional marketing difficult, but not impossible. Times have changed since the Burning Man festival foundation in 1986 and Cc observes that besides rising ticket prices and authorizing luxury camps also social media activities bring a new spirit into the desert festival culture. According to a report from New York based agency Trendalytics “Social actions have increased by over 200% during festival period in 2016 compared to 2015, with almost an 2,000% increase during the same period from 2014 to 2016 only on Instagram.” With this in mind, it seems like ever more brands are taking the opportunity to let influencers wear their fashion brands in order to generate brand-specific tags, hashtags and other awareness-driven KPIs. By relying almost exclusively on Instagram it seems that they might be doing so without directly infringing Burning Man’s no-sponsorship, no-advertisement rules.
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AUG 17 - 02


An exploration into the Millennials’ attitude towards brands

We at Cc currently deal with the question of how today’s teens (i.e. 16-19-year-olds) live, what they expect from (fashion) brands and how they wish to be spoken to and treated by global corporations. We strongly believe that this audience is the one, innovative communication activities must be centred on in the future. In order to get the most multifaceted insights into this highly coveted target group, we spoke to both girls and boys from this age group, visited them at home, went shopping and surfed the Internet with them. In addition, we did an extensive research both online (e.g. quantitative/qualitative studies, blogs for teens, social media) and offline (e.g. magazine shops, store visits, OOH communication, field observations) to complement and broaden our acquired knowledge. We finally challenged these insights by discussing them with proven experts within the field of youth culture in the context of face-to-face talks. We are presently in the exciting process of finalising this comprehensive study and will publish selected insights from it around here over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!
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JUL 17 - 02


Yuval Noah Harari returns with a compelling book about humanity’s future and our quest to upgrade humans into gods

Only two years ago Yuval Noah Harari’s “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind,” became one of the most influential books worldwide. Mark Zuckerberg made it a selection for his online book club. Barack Obama recommended it on television. Bill Gates told The New York Times it would be one of the 10 books he’d bring to a desert island. The bestseller described how humans conquered the world thanks to their unique ability to believe in collective myths about gods, money, equality and freedom. Now the author returned with a new work, called “Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow”. In a compelling and provoking way it examines what might happen to the world when these old myths are coupled with new godlike technologies such as artificial intelligence and genetic engineering. “For the first time in history,” Harari writes, “more people die today from eating too much than from eating too little; more people die from old age than from infectious diseases; and more people commit suicide than are killed by soldiers, terrorists, and criminals combined.” Having subdued famine, pestilence and war, Harari argues, we can now train our sights on higher objectives. Eternal happiness. Everlasting life. “In seeking bliss and immortality,” he writes, “humans are in fact trying to upgrade themselves into gods.” The book Homo Deus gives us a glimpse of the dreams and nightmares that will shape the 21st century. It asks the fundamental questions: Where do we go from here? And how will we protect this fragile world from our own destructive powers? We at Cc are very fascinated by the argumentations and future scenarios of Harari as it delivers precious insights and touches areas we are confronted with in our consultancy work for life science and biotech clients.
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JUN 17 - 02


Cc initiates latest collaboration between DS Automobiles and Katrin Fridriks

Today, companies have to find creative solutions and come up with new ideas in a faster sequence in order to survive in this increasingly fast-growing and competitive world. Because of that more and more companies discover the potential of artists and want to collaborate with them. Since 2001 Cc connects companies with artists and accompanies them during the collaboration. With the gallery in the background one of Cc’s big advantages is speaking both languages: Cc knows the fears and wishes from artists and at the same time those of the companies. Past collaborations have shown that with the help of Cc as an intermediary, artists and companies can work more successful together so that the expectations from company and artist side were often exceeded. Recently a new inquiry came up to us: DS Automobiles asked us to cooperate with Circle Culture galleries constant artist Katrin Fridriks for their "spirit of avant-garde" campaign. In this collaboration photographer Jörg Nicht travels in search for the avant-garde with a DS 3 performance line around Europe. On his first stop Katrin Fridriks shows him her breathtaking studio and her favorite places in Paris. Make sure to read the whole story on art magazine:
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SEP 17 - 01


Cc organizes a sensational launch event in Cambridge

Since Cc conults the Bayer Lifescience Center we also supported them with developing the name, brand & CI of their new start-ups Casebia (Focus Technology: DNA Editing) and BlueRock (Focus Technology: iPS Stem Cell Therapy) from the very beginning. These companies – two of the largest-ever series A financed biotech start-ups – recently made us super happy by asking us to create their joint launch event. From the first idea to the last execution we were in charge of developing an outstanding event that attracted attention at the new location next to MIT in Cambridge.
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AUG 17 - 01


When Absolut meets Olivia Steele in the jungle

The latest collaboration between an artist and a brand was also the most exciting one for Cc as an intermediary. Absolut approached us to collaborate with Circle Culture gallery's longtime artist Olivia Steele in order to realize a neon installation in the rainforest in Colombia. After spending a week in the jungle the artist Olivia Steele summarizes: “I can say it was one of the most daring, dangerous, and risky productions I've ever done, but a truly wonderful experience.” Until the official result of the collaboration gets public, you can already catch a first glimpse into this thrilling project with some photos here.
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JUL 17 - 01


Olivia Steele starts kickstarter campaign for Burning Man 2017

Olivia Steele (*1985 Nashville, Tennessee) is internationally known for her neon installations. This summer she plans to create an enlightening, large-scale neon installation with the slogan "Everything You Need Is Inside You", which will be erected in the dust at Burning Man 2017. In order to realize this, she started a kickstarter campaign ( with the aim to raise $25,000. We at Cc are very convinced by her work and can’t wait to see her newest handwritten neon at Burning Man. Inspired by her work we recently decided to play an extract of her video art named "Future Memories" on our own website.
JUN 17 - 01


Just in time for Wimbledon Björn Borg launches an excellent political campaign

Since Donald Trump promised to construct a massive wall between the U.S. and Mexico, in the last months several creative initiatives came alive in order to stand up for openness, acceptance, diversity and unity. The latest campaign by Björn Borg is one of those. With "Borg Open" a tennis match on the U.S. – Mexican border, the Swedish sports brand wants to manifest an open world, in which sports has the power to unite people. "We hope to inspire people to reach out to their neighbours and do sport together instead of building walls", says Björn Borg CEO Henrik Bunge in a statement. The "Tennis across borders" campaign combines sports, politics, creativity and economy and thus makes successfully clear: Brands don’t contribute exclusively to consumption. Their power is much greater, because people can also be politically influenced by them. Cc illustrates brands their great political impact and consults them to find a creative way to stand up for the right values.