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SEP 16 - 02


The high art of positioning a brand in a new market

We have to admit: the latest news about a pop up store from Lidl in Hamburgs noblest shopping street Neuer Wall astonished us quite a lot. Surrounded by luxury brands such as Prada, Gucci, Hermès and Jil Sander, the discounter opens its doors to show its very first "premium collection" in a small boutique far away from its usually low priced supermarket. This example – accompanied by the cooperation of "good old" Esprit and the creative duo from Opening Ceremony – shows the hard attempt of brands to come out of their unpopular corner. Doing so they often follow a disruptive strategy to arouse PR. We will see if they pursue a longterm strategy to fully resonate with the new attended target segment or if it is only a short term PR gig - then they will get embarrassing critiques instead of an avant garde touch. This is different when brands follow a creative strategy in their whole company philosophy. French luxury label Hermès for example shows that a pop up store can be unique and attractive by inviting their customers in an orange Hermès laundromat. By giving them the chance to color their old silk scarves (which beyond doubt is iconic for Hermès), people interact with the product and the brand in an interesting way and Hermès is not leaving their core brand promise. Uniqlo demonstrate in the same way that cooperations with well known artists and meaningful designers can be much more authentic when a brand integrates them deeply in their corporate strategy. The Japanese brand can look back on several successful collaborations so that it doesn't surprise much that everyone is so excited about the new line called "Uniqlo U", which is designed by artistic director Christophe Lemaire. It is truly hard to bring some fresh air into a brand. Cc is quite aware about that and consults brands to find an authentic way to position their brand in a new direction.
AUG 16 - 02


Spike Jonze directed an epic short film for Kenzo full of creative expression

This month we were thrilled by Spike Jonze’s new film, a luxury fragrance advertisement for Kenzo World. The electric film shows actress and dancer Margaret Qualley performing an unforgettable choreography imagined by Ryan Heffington on an exclusive track by Sam Spiegel and Ape Drums featuring Assassin. Kenzo describes its new fragrance as “bold, spontaneous, surprising, fun and colorful“ and Jonzes new film transports exactly these characteristics. Since the very beginning of his career we at Cc are big fans of Spike Jonze and deeply appreciate his work. With its latest film we think he released one of the most innovativ advertisements. With this cooperation Kenzo can once again present the world its creativity and cultural orientated company philosophy.
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SEP 16 - 01


Raw Desires: Brutalism and Violent Structures @ Circle Culture Gallery

We are delighted to present “Raw Desires: Brutalism and Violent Structures“, a group exhibition of photographs, opening on September 16th. With Frank Thiel, Michael Wesely, Andreas Gehrke, Jan Kempenaers, Benjamin Antony Monn, Christoph Morlinghaus, Thomas Kellner, Fette Sans, and Dirk-Michael Schulz. The exhibition is curated by Cc’s co-founder and gallery owner Johann Haehling von Lanzenauer. As the owners of Cc run the Circle Culture Gallery, Culture, a sense for aesthetics and intellectual visions are in the DNA of our consulting services. Join us for the opening reception next Friday, September 16th @ Potsdamer Str. 68, 10758 Berlin
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AUG 16 - 01


Corporate giants like Allianz, BMW and Telekom build startup-like work environments

It is in every organization’s interest to learn how to attract and motivate Millennials. According to a research by CAA 72% prefer to start their own business. If employed, Generation Y demands flexible work schedules (74%), work-life balance (88%) and a collaborative work-culture (88%). Large Corporations are now reacting to the needs of this new workforce by learning from Pixar and Google, two companies that have set the benchmark with their modern work environments. Steve Jobs put all departments into one building to foster collaboration and creativity and at Google employees find lounge areas, food closets and foosball tables. Cc is assisting Bayer in implementing a new collaborative office unit at their Berlin headquarters.   Link to an interesting article: