JUN 17 - 01


Just in time for Wimbledon Björn Borg launches an excellent political campaign

Since Donald Trump promised to construct a massive wall between the U.S. and Mexico, in the last months several creative initiatives came alive in order to stand up for openness, acceptance, diversity and unity. The latest campaign by Björn Borg is one of those. With "Borg Open" a tennis match on the U.S. – Mexican border, the Swedish sports brand wants to manifest an open world, in which sports has the power to unite people. "We hope to inspire people to reach out to their neighbours and do sport together instead of building walls", says Björn Borg CEO Henrik Bunge in a statement. The "Tennis across borders" campaign combines sports, politics, creativity and economy and thus makes successfully clear: Brands don’t contribute exclusively to consumption. Their power is much greater, because people can also be politically influenced by them. Cc illustrates brands their great political impact and consults them to find a creative way to stand up for the right values.
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MAY 17 - 01


German Youth Culture

What a great start to the year. Since January Cc executes consumer research projects for Nike AGS with the aim to dive deep into the culture, mindset and lifestyle of 14 to 22 years old consumers in Berlin. In order to achieve these insights Cc believes firmly that an ongoing contact to young target groups is indispensable. Instead of "once-in-a-while-talks" with potential consumers, Cc uses several methods such as snapshot telephone interviews, whats app groups, in-home dialogues, workshops and product evaluations at the Nike showroom to stay in close contact with the target group.
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MAY 17 - 02


When Art, Science and Charity come together

It’s TOA time again! This weeks number one topic in Germans capital is definitely TOA. TOA, that means “Tech Open Air”, an interdisciplinary festival, that invites entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and the interested public to join conferences, workshops and networking events. This year the host had the great idea to offer a space for the “Solar Panel Collection”, a platform where renewable energy meets artistic creativity. We are delighted to announce that artists of Circle Culture Gallery, such as XOOOOX, Katrin Fridriks and Annina Roescheisen were also invited to employ solar panels as an artistic medium. These resulting bespoke artworks are now exhibited at Berlin’s “Haus of Tech” and subsequently sold online in a benefit auction at Dorotheum ( The proceeds going to Little Sun’s “Solar Kids School Program”, a humanitarian project that provides clear, safe and sustainable light to circa 2,000 school children and their teachers in Rwanda. For more information visit or come by at Haus of Tech in Nalepastraße 18!
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APR 17 - 02


A memorizable Opening Party created by Cc

Oh what a night! After opening Sir Adam in Amsterdam and Sir Savigny in Berlin the Europe Hotels Private Collection (EHPC) decided that Hamburg should be the next city that needs some "Sir feeling". Overwhelmed from the amazing design and the unique atmosphere of the boutique hotel, Cc felt honored to be asked to conceptualize and organize an opening party for the brand new Sir Nikolai and its in-house Japanese kitchen IZAKAYA in Hamburg. As always Cc wanted to create an event that excels the expectations of the guests and distinguishes itself from common parties. And this is what we did. Because of Sir Nikolai’s outstanding location next to the canal Nikolaifleet, we installed a water-like video mapping on the hotel facade as an attention getter. In addition Cc came up with the idea to play with the special hotel character and transform the Sir Nikolai into a world of Japanese adventure. While there was a big party with 1.000 people dancing to DJ Mitch Alive, Dada Disco or Hip Hop Act Esticay downstairs, curious guests discovered the rooms upstairs. What they found here became the whisper topic of the night: a hotel room on the one side of the corridor in which guests could get a tebori tattoo by Japanese tattoo artist Bizzo and a meditation room on the other side, where people meditated guided by zen-monk Jion Blonstein. Guests were also amazed by the obscene "Making Out Room" by french Kimono designer Davina Shefet and her 6 performance artists and enjoyed being photographed in a hotel room completely filled with paper flowers by paper artist Freya von Bulow and Manuel Pandalis behind the lense. Sir Nikolai and IZAKAYA were able to show it’s distinctive trend affinity with a fascinating party that embraced their local community. Cc is proud to be part of this hot new "place to be" in Hamburg from the very beginning.