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JUL 16 - 03

Innovation for Beiersdorf AG

via global expert interviews

Lately Cc had the great pleasure to work together with Beiersdorf AG. Our consultancy has been asked to put forward a proposal on obtaining expert knowledge for the development process of one of their products. To do so we held in-depth double interviews in Berlin, London and Tokyo with international experts from our key creative network. In order to boost the fruitfulness of these interviews, we asked our participants to do some homework in advance, which we used then as source of inspiration and stimulation during the discussions. Cc enjoyed to see the involvement and great interest of each expert – from artist to designer, scientist or yoga teacher – and the rich insights as a result.
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JUL 16 - 01


Elon Musk reveals second part of master plan

Elon Musk likes transparency. In 2006 he laid out his goals with Tesla for the next ten years: „1. Build sports car (Tesla Roadster), 2. Use that money to build an affordable car (Model S), 3. Use that money to build an even more affordable car (Model X), 4. Provide zero emission electric power generation options.“ Now that Tesla has reached these targets, Elon Musk has shared the second part of his vision on the Tesla website. It includes solar roofs with integrated battery storage, electric trucks and urban transport, autonomous driving and a new car-sharing service. Cc believes in sustainbility and e-mobility and works with a startup that is building electric jetboards. Full Post by Elon Musk:
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JUL 16 - 02


Corporate giants like Allianz, BMW and Telekom build startup-like work environments

It is in every organization’s interest to learn how to attract and motivate Millennials. According to a research by CAA 72% prefer to start their own business. If employed, Generation Y demands flexible work schedules (74%), work-life balance (88%) and a collaborative work-culture (88%). Large Corporations are now reacting to the needs of this new workforce by learning from Pixar and Google, two companies that have set the benchmark with their modern work environments. Steve Jobs put all departments into one building to foster collaboration and creativity and at Google employees find lounge areas, food closets and foosball tables. Cc is assisting Bayer in implementing a new collaborative office unit at their Berlin headquarters.   Link to an interesting article:
JUN 16 - 02


22-year-old wunderkind from Berlin writes songs for Rihanna, Usher and Lil Wayne

Cc loves artists with an unusual biography. Musical wunderkind Bibi Bourelly was born to Moroccan and Haitian parents in Berlin. She rebelled at school and insisted on becoming a musician like her father. After being discovered by a manager on Facebook, Bibi relocated to LA and started working with superstars Rihanna, Usher and Lil Wayne. On Rihanna´s latest album „Anti“ three songs were co-written by her (“Yeah, I Said It”, “Higher” and “Pose”). In the featured video i-D magazine visits Bibi Bourelly in her hometown Berlin.